Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters: An Installation at Aurora Public Library

In recognition of Truth and Reconciliation Day, September 30th, 2022 the Aurora Public Library has created and installed an informational art installation on the windows of the building.

Truth and Reconciliation Day is a day of connectivity, remembrance and education.

This installation consists orange cutouts in the shape of people, symbolic of the estimated more than 150,000 Indian, Inuit, and Métis children that attended residential schools. These are reminiscent a simple paper craft often created by children. To make these a child will fold a piece of paper and cut out the shape, then when unfolded the figures are linked together usually hand in hand.

This installation reminds us of the Indigenous children who were sent to residential schools. It commemorates the children who did not return home and the survivors that did. We believe every child matters.

The colour orange ties to the story of Phyllis (Jack) Webstad and her orange shirt. This colour reminds us of what was taken away from the children of residential schools, the families that were torn apart and the culture and tradition that was lost and needs to be rebuilt. We recognize the individual, family and community inter-generational impacts of residential schools across Canada.

We are all connected. We are connected to this land, this country and its history. What affects one of us affects us all. Truth and Reconciliation Day is a day to join together. We encourage you to stand up to and make a difference. We can support those in need by lending a hand and standing side by side.

The information you encounter as you walk through the work, walk around the library, is meant to help us grow, to learn more about Truth and Reconciliation. To encourage you to further educate yourself about what is ongoing with Indigenous People across Canada.

Indigenous peoples and their cultures have unique histories, languages, cultural practices, and spiritual beliefs that are woven into the fabric of our country. 

We will keep this work up until October 7th in honour of First Nations Public Libraries Week (October 3-7th, 2022).

We would like to thank the volunteers who participated in APL’s Acts of Kindness program for their work installing and cutting out the elements of this project. As part of their work they participated in a discussion on September 30th about Indigenous issues and Truth and Reconciliation.