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Light-Hearted Movies

Movies that leave you feeling good!

If you Liked Elvis

You'll enjoy these films about other famous musical artists.

TV Shows to Watch On A Snowy Day

Too cold to venture outdoors? Check out one of these titles!

Need A Library Card?Need A Library Card?

Apply online for a new card, replace a lost one or renew your existing one!

Movies & TV

Tired of Netflix? Browse our catalogue and staff picks to find your next watch.

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British TV Detectives

Interested in solving a mystery - learn from the best crime solvers!

The Gilded Age

Live out your fantasy of corsets and afternoon tea by checking out these flicks.

Movies with the Best Villains

We've compiled a list of films with downright terrible and frightening antagonists.


Music & Streaming

Expand your musical horizons by streaming music from Freegal.  We also offer CDs that you can place holds on.

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Freegal Music is a music streaming service that offers hundreds of thousands of songs and over 100 genres of music. Try it today!

Freegal Playlist - Feel Good Indie Music

Perfect for a long-distance car ride!



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