Magazines & Newspapers

Magazines & Newspapers

Magazines & Newspapers

Business & Finance Magazines

Check out these publications that can help you understand the economy and better manage your investments and personal finances.


Flipster is an easy-to-use digital magazine newsstand that you can use on your PC, tablet or phone. Titles include People Weekly.


Check out OverDrive for access to eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines.

Need A Library Card?Need A Library Card?

Apply online for a new card, replace a lost one or renew your existing one!


Had a long day? Try reading a magazine - we have a wide variety of titles in branch as well as online.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is the world's largest nonprofit product-testing company and has provided unbiased product reviews for 80+ years.

Celebrity News & Style Magazines

Magazines that are fun to read!


Catch up on current events in the local community and beyond!


Use PressReader and get unlimited access to more than 7,000 of the world's top newspapers and magazines in more than 60 languages.

Toronto Star

This database contains digitized copies of the Toronto Star from 1894 to 2018. Users can search national and international events.

Academic OneFile

Focused on undergraduate research, Academic OneFile provides millions of articles from over 19,000 scholarly journals and other sources.
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