Just 4 You (Monthly Women’s Meetup)

 Just 4 You (Monthly Women’s Meetup)
September 14th, 10:00am to 11:00am

Tues. Sept 14 | The Gift of Self-Esteem with Marisa Mei, Public Education at Yellow Brick House


We will discuss the effects of low self-esteem and examine ways to increase/practice positive self-esteem as well as the importance of establishing boundaries, a task that becomes easier to do and commit to when one has a strong(er) sense of self and confidence.


Whether you are new to our community or are a long-time resident, Just 4 You is your space to build friendships, learn something new and have some fun. We are currently online, but we can still share a virtual coffee or tea when we get together over Zoom. Guest speakers and hands-on activities will be listed in advance.


Register at bit.ly/2QgcxTY or email Claudia at colguin@aurorapl.ca

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