Women's Self-Defence ( Just 4 You Monthly Women’s Meetup)

 Just 4 You (Monthly Women’s Meetup)
August 10th, 10:00am to 11:00am

Women’s Self-Defense

The goal of this class is to teach participants to be aware and assertive, to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, and how to use physical techniques to counter an assault when required. This class also aims to empower individuals to feel confident in their capacity to make choices and take actions regarding their well-being, self-development, personal fulfillment and safety.


In partnership Women’s Support Network of York Region.


Register at bit.ly/2QgcxTY or email Claudia at colguin@aurorapl.ca


Whether you are new to our community or are a long-time resident, Just 4 You is your space to build friendships, learn something new and have some fun. We are currently online, but we can still share a virtual coffee or tea when we get together over Zoom. Guest speakers and hands-on activities will be listed in advance.

Claudia Olguin
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