OBOA Writing Workshop 2020

OBOA: The Big Scene Writing Workshop with Marnie Maquire
September 26th, 2:00pm to 4:00pm


Happy Endings, Epiphanies, Breakthroughs, Libérations

A Creative Writing Workshop on writing the BIG SCENE.  

In this workshop, you will develop a character sketch and plot and learn about the power of setting up scenes.

Bring a character you are already developing or start fresh with a new being.

Using writing prompts and a variety of quirky activities, you will outline the absolutely worst incidents in your character’s life, which will ultimately lead to a happy ending, epiphany, breakthrough, or liberation — the character’s BIG SCENE. 

Beginner and experienced writers welcome.  


Workshop Facilitator: Marnie Maguire

Marnie’s writing is part magic realism/part poetic grunge.

She has combined her experience as a writer with her doctoral research on social change, memory & the creative process to provide truly meaningful workshops for a broad spectrum of aspiring authors.

Reccia Mandelcorn
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