Online Drama Camp

Comedy and Tragedy Masks with the word Drama
August 11th, 9:00am to 10:00am

Are you a theatre nerd? A drama queen or king? Dreaming of your big first night? Missing the chance to be heading onstage with a cast?

Join our Online Drama Camp! We'll spend a couple of weeks getting comfortable and learning technique, and then we'll spend a couple more preparing a final presentation! 

You will need to be willing and able to post photos and videos of yourself to participate fully, so check with your responsible adults about that and make sure you have something with a camera that can upload to the internet (phone, iPod, tablet, laptop, whatever), but please assure worried adults that all online content will be carefully locked up in our classroom, not available for any but ourselves to see (and deleted as soon as camp is over), and only our final product will be shared more generally, and only with the specific permission of your responsible adults.

For ages 8-13 years

Dates: July 13-August 14--but you can join anytime before August!

New content will be posted each day, but your assignments can be created any time during the week they are assigned. You're expected to spend an hour or more on each of your assignments, but that can be organized however is convenient for you--5 hours on one day, or one hour a day, or however works for you!

We will be working on Google Classrooms, which is a free web software that you just need to create a Google ID to join.

Want to register? Send an email to Polly (your instructor) with your name and age. We'd love to know why you want to join, too!

Email Polly if you have any questions about technology, what we'll be doing, or anything else about Drama Camp!

Registration is limited! Email soon to be sure you get in!

Polly Ross-Tyrrell
Registration Required