APL Virtual Summer Camp

August 10th, 9:00am to 9:30am

We're launching an online day-camp program! Join us each day on Google Classrooms where we'll share jokes, facts, and a daily activity! Each week will have a different theme, and different activities each day. 

Starts June 29, Monday to Saturday every week!

New content will go live at 9:00 each morning to start the day! Sign up for a free Google Classrooms account and enter the class codes below to join!

Activities are best for ages 6+, younger children will need more adult help. 

Week 1 (starts July 29, no class on July 1): Outdoor Fun! Google Classrooms Code: 4oo3wyn

Week 2 (starts July 6): Make it! Google Classrooms Code: qqnmau2 

Week 3 (starts July 13): Space! Google Classrooms Code: dfda2bn

Week 4 (starts July 20): Science! Google Classrooms Code: 26ntmsn

Week 5 (starts July 27): Food! Google Classrooms Code: krh4c2h 

Week 6 (starts August 4, no class on the Civic Holiday): Be an Artist! Google Classrooms Code: jy7iuxn

Week 7 (starts August 10): Ecology! Recycling! Being Green! Google Classrooms Code: kxgshx4

Week 8 (starts August 17): Play Games! Google Classrooms Code: aesrzfl

Week 9 (starts August 24): Adventures from around the World! Google Classrooms Code: awyc2ym

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