Aurora Public Library's Summer Reading Challenges


This year, Aurora Public Library's TD Summer Reading goes online with reading challenges for all ages:

  -  TD Summer Reading Club for ages 0-12

  -  YA Summer Reading Challenge for ages 13-18

  -  Aurora Public Library Summer Reading Challenge for ages 19-109


How it works

  1. Sign up for the Club to create an account and register yourself and your family for their different challenges. Kids 12 and younger can make their own accounts with permission from their parent/guardian or sign up the whole family at the same time.
  2. Reading with a class? Teachers or leaders at schools, daycares and day camps can make an account for their entire class to sign up and receive prizes.
  3. Once you’ve registered, you can join any of our online Reading Challenges with the same account.
  4. Start earning badges! You’ll get one just for signing up and can earn many more for reading milestones and doing special activities. We also have great prizes for all the challenges. Read hard and you can earn great stuff!

      Register and track your reading via the Beanstack Tracker app! Available for both Android and iOS devices, search Beanstack Tracker in your app store.


TD Summer Reading Club

  1. Sign up for an account using the instructions for Joining Aurora Public Library’s Reading Challenges and choose the TD Summer Reading Club.
  2. Log the amount of time you spend reading. Try to read 20 minutes a day. For every hour of reading you complete you will earn an online badge.
  3. Complete an Activity badge by checking off some or all of the steps in the badge. 
  4. Write or draw a review and get a Review badge.
  5. We’ll be adding new badges all summer, so even if you think you’re done earning, you probably aren’t!
  6. Participate in Read and Bead! You loved it last year, so it’s back, with a few changes:

a. We'll email you when the tags and chains are ready for pick-up.

b. Earn beads for every hour of reading and for completing activity and review badges. Due to Covid-19 and safety protocols, beads will be pre-packaged and no custom selection will be available. Don't worry - we'll make sure you get a great mix, including special beads for activity badges and reviews! 

c. Pick-up your beads using our curbside pick-up service when you pick up your books. After texting Check In, text SRC plus the first and last name of the registered child, and we'll bring your beads to your car! 

  1. Finish your summer goal of 20 hours of reading and get a nifty prize made just for you in our Creative Studio.