Place a hold

If you would like an item set aside for you or if an item you would like is already checked out to another member, you may request the material in person, by phone (905-727-9494 option 2) or online. When the material arrives, we will notify you by phone or email (per your notification preference). You will need to pick up your hold before the expiration date indicated in the notification message. You may have 30 active holds at a time.


Picking up your hold

When your request is fulfilled and ready for pickup, a hold slip will be printed and your item(s) will be placed on the Hold Shelf on the first floor. You may pick up your hold until the expiration date specified in your notification message. Holds are filed by the first four (4) letters of your last name, then by the last four (4) digits of your library card account number. Interlibrary loans and video game holds are kept at the Customer Service desk. All holds must be checked out before you leave the Library.