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This resource includes over 8 billion searchable names from hundreds of reliable sources.
New! For the first time ever, Ancestry Library Edition is now available remotely, to use from home. Researching your family tree is a fun project to do while you shelter-in-place!

Search the largest provincial archive in Canada, with unique and multi-faceted records dating back to the 16th century up to the present.

Over a million biographies from the world of business, science, literature, history, etc., using resources such as Gale’s Contemporary Authors; Encyclopedia of World Biography, Notable Scientists, Contemporary Theatre, Film & Television and Contemporary Musicians. Also available are full-text articles from Time, Newsweek as well as other publications.

Provides articles from a comprehensive list of Canadian and international journals, magazines, selected sections of the Globe and Mail, and Canadian biographies.

Full-text access to thousands of magazines, newspapers, and academic journals.

Perfect for genealogy, primary source research and more, this Proquest database provides a digitized version of The Globe and Mail from 1844, searchable by keyword or date.

Search the Library & Archives Canada, including their extensive resources for geneology and family history.

Ontario Ancestors, the official website of the Ontario Geneological Society.

Search over 2000 full-text sources including magazines, newspapers, books, and media transcripts available in the eLibrary resource, as well as the ProQuest Historical Newspaper's The Toronto Star from 1894 and The Globe and Mail from 1844.

You can understand more about Canadian culture and heritage today by understanding when and why people chose to immigrate to Canada, how they interacted with communities already here, and the traditions and beliefs they brought with them. This website showcases just some of the pictures and other documents in the Library and Archives Canada's collection.

Formerly known as "Pages of the Past", this ProQuest database provides a digitized version of The Toronto Star from 1894, searchable by keyword or date.

Browse and search the National Archives of the USA online, including many digitized original documents.