Get a library card

Membership is free to all who live, work, attend school or own property in Aurora or any York Region municipality. Identification with current address is required for all registrations. (As per YRPLP agreement).

Children 13 and under must have a parent or legal guardian with them to register.  

  • The parent or legal guardian must show identification with current address.  
  • The parent or legal guardian is responsible for the selection, usage, and return of library material, as well as any fines or fees that may accumulate.

There is an annual fee of $60 per person for out-of-area residents (exclusive of YRPLP members).

Temporary Aurora residents may apply for a three (3) month membership and will be charged a deposit of $20 which is refundable upon return of all materials and the membership card including receipt for the deposit.

Customers in temporary housing  (e.g. shelters or hostels) who are unable to provide a permanent address may borrow three (3) print materials at a time and must renew their card every three (3) months. A letter from the shelter on letterhead is required to confirm residency.

For work or school related membership, specific documentation of employment or enrolment is also required at registration and at annual membership renewal:

  • Current information providing name and address and a telephone number
  • Verification through personal identification
    • Student
      • Most recent report card
      • Current verification of enrollment on school letterhead
      • Most recent student identification card
    • Business
      • Cheque stub with local address
      • T4 statement
      • Pay receipt issued by the Employer
      • Current verification from the Employer on business letterhead